Fast and Pray for our Elections and Government

Join us in Fasting and Prayer1

Please pray this or other prayers throughout the month of September and fast as directed by the Lord.

Father God, Ruler of Heaven and earth! To your Majesty, Glory and Presence, I come in humility and repentance2, hear my prayer! 

I have sinned against Your Name, and the household of faith3, along with my fellow citizens in ceasing to pray4 and being complacent5 towards guarding and stewarding6 the freedoms you have generously provided me and my fellow citizens. 

I have regretfully permitted the integrity of our elections and election systems to be compromised, and injustice is now prevalent throughout the land7 The wicked rule over us and the people groan8. Our government has become corrupt and unjust. 

May your justice and mercy be manifested by answering with your power and might our petition:

1) remove all who you consider your enemy from any influence in our elections and election systems9

2) remove unrighteousness from the gates10, positions of authority, and places of honor throughout the land11. Replacing them with righteous leaders12; and 3) that You heal our elections, restore justice, and hear our prayers on behalf of the land13

I pray, intercede, and supplicate all this in the Name of Jesus.