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Citizens for Election Integrity Texas (CEITX) is a group of over 100 Tarrant County community leaders and residents which includes CPA’s, financial advisors, lawyers, IT specialists, law enforcement, and citizens from almost every walk of life. We are a non-partisan group, focused on investigating and understanding the Tarrant county election process for the purpose of identifying vulnerabilities and encouraging public officials to take measures to insure the highest level of election integrity.

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Every legal citizen has the right to a secure election and the assurance that their vote is recorded and counted in the way that they intended. It is currently impossible to verify your vote after an election in Tarrant County.

National polls reveal that 83% of voters lack confidence in the integrity of our elections. Independent audits are a proven and acceptable tool used routinely by governments to identify negligence and fraud and to encourage public confidence. 

Federal law requires all publicly traded corporations to annually submit to independent financial audits for these same reasons. Where independent audits of electronic voting have been performed, significant irregularities have been discovered

Mainstream media frequently argues that independent election audits will decrease public trust in our elections. However, the lack of meaningful independent election audits combined with unfounded media opposition likely accounts for the erosion of public trust in our elections. Public trust in the media is even lower than public trust in elections and currently at an "all time low"

We strongly endorse independent audits for all government functions, particularly elections. You are invited to review our findings and join our effort.

Tarrant County Citizens
False scales are an abomination to the Lord, but an honest weight, his delight.

Proverbs 11:1

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