What are the Next Steps You Can Take?


Demand our Elected Officials to:

Move all vote counting systems into one open room, with all connected cables clearly visible to the public with no external connection. Enusre every system is independently evaluated for wireless connectivity and wireless devices. Use wireless jammers to block wi-fi connectivity and have images taken of the system at regular intervals. Harden system configuration and require video surveillance of every facet of the election process and systems.
End Rally Sites
Turn on ballot imaging function on our scanners.
Replace electronic voting with paper ballots and replace early voting with Election-Day in-precinct voting ONLY (with limited exceptions).
Make November 2020 and May/June 2021 ballots available for testing and examination.

Volunteer Oppotunities:

Serve as a Poll Watcher or Election Judge

Run for Republican Precinct Chair

Support Candidates who are Committed to Standing Up for Election Integrity

Stay Informed about the latest ways to get involved!